I nominate

For the student blogging challenge I nominate these blogs because they have really tried with the challenge and i think that they have done a good job !
It was hard just nominating 2 blogs but i have made up my mind here are there blogs
blog 1. Emma- http://emma110gs.edublogs.org/

 Blog 2. Sophie super blog –  http://sophiessuperblog.edublogs.org/


my family

I have alot of people in my family .So this post isn’t going to be really detailed !

My Mum is the most awesome mum in the whole world ! She is a  beautician so she always looks beautiful

My Dad loves his beer and is so funny He loves Summer cause he can hang out in the backyard and slave over the BBQ.

My pets are Toby (A bichon frise) is white and he is usally fluffy but he got his hair cut he is very active but so cute and he loves FOOd if you have food in your hand he will stare at you! Duderley ( jack russel) is a very good gaurd dog and she is so cute and yes she is a girl . The reason why she is called duderley is a long story ! And i have 2 fish called caviar and sushi they don’t do much but all I do know is that they love FOOD !

My Nan is the best nanny in theworld she is nice and kind and she gives me lots of treats ! She is just like those Grandmas you dream about when your reading those books !

My Pop is  a hard working guy . He works 5 or 6 days a week  as a builder and he loves his job i think cause he won’t retire even though he is almost 70 ! But I love him even if he is working

My Auntie Rach moved to Darwin to be with her fiancee. She loves travelling and loves to play basketball ! I miss my auntie but i do have contact with her and she is coming down for christmas ! Oh and did i mention she is a nurse !

My Auntie Isis is nice and kindand is also a nurse !

My Auntie Ang lives in Queensland and is  also nice she has a little girl named Mia

My Uncle chris  is a builder aswell and is married to my auntie ang so he is also the father of my little cousin Mia

My Uncle Brian is a funny man and is  always happy !

My Auntie Jenny is a really nice she actully is my 2nd cousin but i call her auntie cause her and my mum are like Sisters !

My cousins Oliver and Lucas are so cute and they are always happy top see me even though they live in melbourn Oh there mum is my auntie jenny !

My cousin mia is my true first cousin i haven’t met her yet cause she lives in queensland but all the photos of her i have seen and seeing her on skype i think she is so cute ! i carn’t wait un til she is talking !

So that my Family I think I hope i haven’t miss any one !


sophia Grace singing -Superbase

this little girl is amazing at the age of 8 she can sing this song even i don’t know all the lyics it only took her 2 days to learn them !

theese two georgous girls were on ellen ! they got to meet Nicki Minaj them selves while they were on the show ! Ellen even dressed up as Sophia at halloween ! This girl is going to be famous when she is older !

My Favourite colour….

My favourite colour is blue !

The reason why i love blue is because it is the colour of the sky and the sky is the limit !

Another reason is that you can get many different shades of blue !

M&Ms azuis by Bibi, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  Bibi 

some people say that blue is a sad colour but i think it is very calming and can be very exciting at the same time!

  what is your favourite colour? leave a comment  to tell me what it is !