Weekly Review !

MONDAY-We had p.e

TUESDAY-We had library and then after we had school photos

WEDNESDAY- We had music

THURSDAY-i am on the computer tying this post and after school i have basketball traning and school social

FRIDAY-I will have a dress up day : Dress up as what you want to be when you grow up

SATURDAY- i have my aunty’s engadment party!

SUNDAY- Don’t know !

My weekly reveiw

MONDAY- I was sick 🙁
TUESDAY- went back to school and had library
WEDNESDAY- We had music and then Web Quest
THURSDAY- I have assembly and lolly sales and also basketball training !
FRIDAY – I will have 5/6 sport and also my LAST basketball game !
SATURDAY – Don’t know what I’m doing !
SUNDAY – It is a mystery what im going to do !

Weekly Reveiw!

Here was my week .
MONDAY- I had P.E !
TUESDAY- Library
WEDNESDAY- Had music with Mr L
THURSDAY- We had our Jump of day and a P.B.S fun day
FRIDAY- Had 5/6 sport
SATURDAY- Did nothing much
SUNDAY- Mum randomly took my to see Harry Potter .

My weekly reveiw

MONDAY : I had P.E
TUESDAY : I had libary
WEDNESDAY  : Had music with MR L
THURSDAY : Had basketball training and also had lolly sales at school !
FRIDAY : Was a student free day YAY!! But i had a basketball game
SATURDAY : I got my goldfish Sushi and cavi Short for  caviar
SUNDAY : Didn’t do much
That was my week !!

GAGA-is in aus

Finally lady gaga is in Australia ! The first song i ever heard of gaga ‘s was ” just dance ” from then on i was gaga’s fan but not the biggest there is someone i saw on tv with a HUGE tattoo of her ! i think most people know gaga for her music and her fashion ! my favourite outfit was the Kermit the frog one but the other one i like was the meat dress!

Here is a video (with the lyrics) of my favourite Gaga song born this way

my weekly reveiw

MONDAY : I was sick 🙁

TUESDAY : We had library!

WEDNESDAY :  WEhad music with MR.L. I also had maths groups

THURSDAY ; I had helping hands and basketball training and also we had a assembly and to make the day even busier we had maths groups.

FRIDAY : I had 5/6 sport . I also had a basketball game

SATURDAY : Didn’t do very much

SUNDAY ; didn’t really do much !


Sorry I was a bit late on my update but here it is

Monday : i had P.E at school

Tuesday : i had libary

Wednesday : i had music but not with Mr.L

Thursday : i had a assembly and also basketball training

Friday : i had 5/6 sport YAY Netball !!! but i didn’t have a basketball game !!

Saturday : i went to  a market and got a really cute butterfly mirror brouch and a really cute notebook

sunday : I said goodbye to my dad as he went on a holiday to Melbourne 🙁 but the good thing is he is getting me some  stuff !

my week

Monday – Was the first day of term 2 and to make it even better I had P.E

Tuesday -I had library

Wednesday – I had music

Thursday- I did nothing (except for school)………OH yeah i ordered some smiggle stuff!

Friday – We had 5/6 sport . we won one game of netball but we lost the other one . After school i got my ukulele!

my most exciting day of the week was probably Friday . What was your most exciting day of the week ? plz comment !