Sorry I was a bit late on my update but here it is

Monday : i had P.E at school

Tuesday : i had libary

Wednesday : i had music but not with Mr.L

Thursday : i had a assembly and also basketball training

Friday : i had 5/6 sport YAY Netball !!! but i didn’t have a basketball game !!

Saturday : i went to  a market and got a really cute butterfly mirror brouch and a really cute notebook

sunday : I said goodbye to my dad as he went on a holiday to Melbourne 🙁 but the good thing is he is getting me some  stuff !

5/6 sport

For my 5/6 sport this winter i am doing netball. i like playing  netball because it is exciting and fun and it also is energetic .Here are all the positions: GA (Goal Attack), GD (Goal Defence), GK (Goal Keeper), GS (Goal Shooter) WA (Wing Attack), WD (Wing Defence) and C (centre). So there are 7 positions all up . My favourite position is Centre but i usually play WA . I am thinking about doing netball next year as well as basketball !

What is your favourite sport? What is your favourite position?( if you have any ).  Please  comment 🙂

keep on smiling 🙂